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Too often, business owners spend their time putting out IT fires and moving from one computer problem to the next. You are consumed by handling the crisis of the moment, rather than planning for your company’s future.

But just as your company would not move forward without a business plan, you should not be without written IT guides, policies and step-by-step procedures.


Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

Keeping your business safe from catastrophe

Whether it’s fire, hail storm, tornado, power failure, virus infection, data corruption, theft, network security breach, or a simple denial of service attack, these days the risks to your business are endless.

For instance, how long can you afford to be without your core IT systems, your company and/or client data, your important email, or even your office? How many of your customers would begin looking to your competitors if you couldn't assist them within a reasonable amount of time? How much would you lose in employee productivity when they are not able to fulfill their work responsibilities? We can help prevent a worse case scenario from happening by assisting you in developing a proactive stance on business continuity.

Planning for disaster can be affordable even for the small business, since we have developed standardized disaster recovery plan (DRP) outlines that make it easy to get started. First, we help you understand the actual effects various types of failures or disasters will have on your business. Then we develop a concise step by step plan with easy to follow instructions and procedures so your company can be readily prepared for the many types of potential disasters.

To learn more please contact us today about how we can help your company develop a functional and effective Business Continuity Plan.


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