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Hours of Operation

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency support. Our standard office hours are from 8am until 8pm M-F.

Our Commitment

We build professional, long term business relationships.

We earn the right to be your business partner by delivering quality and value every time, without exception.

We are passionate about implementing technology that works and delivers a return on investment to our customers.

Our Core Values

• Professionalism—always thrive to be the experts and authority in our field
• Honesty—always be honest about what is really best for our customers
• Dedication—always fulfill our commitments with customer’s best interests in mind
• Objectiveness—always recommend what’s best for the customer, not the vendor

Our primary goal

Establish long term business relationships and only provide expert level services that we are certain to deliver on time.

Complete IT Solutions

We provide solutions for small businesses without a fully staffed IT department.

We help with your IT
department by providing outsourced computer and network support
services that keep your mission critical systems up and running.

Our support is both proactive and reactive and is delivered on-site as well as remotely.


Windows system tools for keeping your PC up to speed

The basic Windows system tools and steps for keeping your desktop computer up to speed are:

Disk Clean Up
The disk Clean up should be performed weekly and will delete all of your unused and unwanted files. It will also delete your old internet files. Just click on Start, Programs, Accessories, and then System Tools and then Disk Cleanup.

Extra Tip: Delete *.tmp files that have been created prior to the current day. Many people are surprised to learn how much hard disk space has been used by .tmp files. Delete files that begin with a tilde(~). Make sure that all programs are closed first.

Scan Disk
Use the Windows scandisk program located in your System Tools under Accessories to check for any possible problems with the logical configuration of your hard disk(s). This can not only speed up your machine but spot potential errors as well. The easiest way to find this utility is to go into My Computer and click on the drive you want to scan. Then right click on it and click Properties. Then click Tools. Be prepared to have some time to allow scandisk to complete.

Disk Defragmenter
This Windows utility helps you increase performance and reclaim lost speed of your system. Over time, files become scattered all over the hard drive and then get moved, deleted, copied and so on and fragments of unused space get left over or spaced apart in an inefficient manner. It then takes longer for your computer to look up information. Defragmenter will put all of the files back into the best possible order. This should be performed every couple of weeks. To Defrag a hard drive just go to Programs, Accessories, and System Tools. Select the Drive and click Start. If you have rarely done this, it can take a very long time, up to several hours, but the results will be highly noticable in many cases.
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